Amas Medical Services is on the cutting edge of aeromedical evolution and is uniquely positioned to assist both pilots and medical practitioners. We provide proactive hands-on management of every imaginable pilot medical certification issue. Amas Medical services’s unique approach provides confidential accelerated medical certification processing for pilots and unparalleled support for aviation medical examiners.
Confidential proactive support and accelerated medical certification are the fundamentals of our service.

Each DGCA medical exam is a potentially grounding event. Doctors at CME or IAM often discover conditions or issues which require extensive documentation prior to the issuance of a medical certificate. Usually pilots are not prepared for this.

Our Services include, tips for passing your next DGCA medical examination, guidelines regarding self medication and DGCA approved medicines, DGCA medical regulations, standards & protocols and confidential medical assistance for airline, corporate and private pilots.

Our exclusive pro-active support assures the fastest possible return to flying status at minimal medical cost.

Our Managing Director, Dr. Anil Mehra, is a senoir Aviation Medical Examiner for
FAA- USA, CAA-Canada, CASA-Australia, CAA- Qatar and DGCA-India.