E- Med Records


We at Amas medical services feel that, patient safety is greatly enhanced by the use of a comprehensive EMR-Electronic Medical Records and Patient management system. Our system is built on a single database, ensuring a seamless flow of information from scheduling to patient charting to billing. The system plays a crucial role in enhancing patient health and safety through online communication. EMR acts as the core communication center in regard to the patient’s status. In a practice where multiple physicians and nurses may be involved with a patient’s care, the EMR allows any authorized person access to the records. The patient’s Electronic Medical Record is a communication tool, used to track a patient’s medical history, and to record problems or ailments and the steps taken to resolve those problems.

The Electronic Medical Record streamlines patient information management and enables practice-wide clinical workflow automation. With a flexible and easily customizable solution available, Amas Medical Services delivers both clinical and financial benefits. Amas medical Services, organizes communication and information within the practice and with other authorized medical practitioners. It also manages orders, procedures, prescriptions, lab results and other data with authorized National and International Medical organizations as per company requirements. We will connect Patients, Providers and Payers.

Leveraging Electronic Clinical Documentation to Decrease Diagnostic Error Rates

Role for Electronic Documentation

Goals and Features of Redesigned Systems

Providing access to information
Ensure ease speed and selectivity of infomation searches and cognition through aggre gation trending contextual relevance and minimizing of superfluous data
Record ing and sharing assessments
Provide a space for recording thoughtful succinct assessments differential diagnoses contingencies and unanswered questions facilitate sharing and review of assess ments by both patient and other clinicians
Maintaining dynamic patient history
Carry forward information for recall, avoiding repetitive patient querying and recording while minimizing copying and Pasting
Maintaining problem lists
Ensure that problem lusts are integrated into workflow to allow for continuous updating
Tracking medications
Record medications patient is actually taking patient responses to medications and adverse elfects to avert mrsdiagnoses and ensure timely recognition of medication problems
Tracking tests
Integrate management of diagnostic test results into note workflow to facilitate review, assessment, and responsive action as well as documentation of these steps
Ensuring coordination and continuity
Aggregate and integrate data from all care episodes and fragmented encounters to per mit thoughtful synthesis
Enabling follow up
Facilitate patient education about potential red flag symptoms track follow up
Providing feedback
Automatically provide feedback to clinicians upstream facilitating learning from out comes of diagnostic decisions
Providing prompts
Provide checklists to minimize reliance on memory and directed questioning to ard in diagnostic thoroughness and problem solving
Providing placeholder for resumption
of work
Delineate clearly in the record where clinician should resume work after interruption preventing lapses in data collection and thought process
Calculating Bayesian probabilities
Embed calculator into notes to reduce errors and minimize biases in sub|ect|ve estima tion of diagnostic probabilities
Providing access to information sources
Provide instant access to knowledge resources through context specific “rnfobuttons” triggered by keywords in notes that link user to relevant textbooks and guidelines
Offering second opinion or
Integrate immediate online or telephone access to consultants to answer questions re lated to referral triage, testing strategies or detlmtive diagnostic assessments.
Increasing efficiency
More thoughtful design, workflow integration, and distribution of documentation bur den could speed up charting, freeing time for communication and cognition.