Medical Manning

Amas Medical Services, provides occupational medical services to businesses operating in remote industrial locations. We specialize in the provision of industrial medical services in remote areas under difficult conditions. However, services can be adapted to a variety of locations, rural or urban, both on-site and off, and can accommodate various work schedules and demands.

At Amas medical services we answer the organizational medical challenges at a remote oil fields, mining fields and camp sites. We at Amas understand the demands and objectives of an institution, that calls for a high level of expertise, preparation and planning. Unfortunately the best laid plans can become ineffective in the event of a medical emergency, unforeseen hazards, environmental obstacles, or human error. It has been proven time and again that proper emergency response capabilities save money, speeds recovery, reduces lost time due to injuries, and enhances accident prevention. Amas Medical Services provide medical response and proactive solutions to enhance the efficiency of every remote operation.

Amas Medical Services provide ACLS, ATLS and BLS trained medical personnel, consulting services, safety audits, in house training and medical equipment to establishments. It is our aim to provide exemplary quality services tailored to clients needs and preferences.

At Amas Medical Services we ensure our staffs are service oriented team players and are encouraged to participate in active roles wherever possible. They are highly skilled and able to perform a variety of duties besides their medical expertise. Experience has proven that this positive attitude builds respect and understanding among worker and installation medics. This translates into increased effectiveness and enhances the working relationship within the entire crew.

Our mission is to work as a team with remote location employers and workers to promote optimal health and safety of workers, workplaces, and environments.