Remote Location Services


To better meet the challenges of increasing exploration and production activities in remote areas of the world, where local medical resources may be limited,
Exploration and production activities in remote areas of the world is increasing. Operations ranging from small venture offices to larger scale activities in support of seismic, drilling, and production involve the movement of employees, contractors, and sometimes dependents into areas where health risks may be increased and medical resources may be limited.

Safety and health are the highest priority in all Company operations.

However, the prevention and management of health issues are complicated by remote locations, communication difficulties, and lack of reliable public health resources and infrastructure.

Prompt diagnosis and treatment of illnesses and injuries, and ready access to critical life support services are expected in all operating locations. Furthermore, it is generally accepted that providing a range of on-site health services from emergency care to primary care and prevention can improve the outcome of more serious medical problems, prevent minor problems from becoming more serious, and reduce overall productivity loss due to illness and injury.

In view of these factors Amas Medical Services provide remote location experienced and qualified  medical personnel, facilities, equipment, and operating procedures in high occupational risk locations  to help and  insure that acceptable routine and emergency medical services are available to promote and maintain a healthy workforce.  We Believe in fact that  Safety and health are the highest priority.