Travel Medicine


Our fascination with the misadventures of travel dates back to the dawn of recorded history. Homer's epic tale of the 10-year wanderings of Odysseus returning home to Ithaca after the fall of Troy remains the classic account of journey-related hazards.

The study of travel-related disease has been called "emporiatrics". The physician's goal should be to minimize the risk of common diseases that may inconvenience travelers and uncommon diseases that may cause serious illness. Recommendations for immunizations and medications will vary according to the destination country. Children and travelers with special medical conditions -- pregnancy, emphysema, heart disease, diabetes -- require expert advice to protect them during travel.

The scale on which travel takes place today could hardly have been imagined even five years ago. Destinations that in the past were limited to soldiers, missionaries and explorers, are becoming commonplace choices for the ordinary traveler. As the world becomes more integrated and businesses become more "globalized " there will be increased international travel. Travel to tropical and developing countries is expected to undergo unprecedented growth over the next five years.

Amas Medical Services offer all travel related expertise. We offer a wide range of services including acute medical emergency, routine primary care and all travel related services. Our doctors are trained in all travel related medical matters and can address and entertain all your queries and questions. We also offer following services:

  • current information on international disease outbreaks
  • Immunization recommendations for local or International travel
  • General health advice for travelers
  • Diseases specific treatment and prevention guidelines
  • Knowledge of specific geographical locations and their medical problems
  • Information about health conditions and disease outbreaks in India and other countries
  • Requirements of other countries for vaccinations and health reports
  • Availability of medications and other healthcare treatments for diseases and disorders in India and around the world
In general, persons planning to visit developing countries should consult a physician before departure. A list of Travel Clinics is available from the International Society for Travel Medicine ( or the American Society for Tropical Medicine and Hygiene ( Most travelers should contact their physician at least six weeks prior to travel. Adventure travelers, those who plan prolonged stays, and those who will leave the usual tourist routes should contact their physician six months prior to travel. Advice may also be obtained from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ( or the World Health Organization (