A Clinical audit is a high quality improvement process carried out in order to improve the standard of patient care and its outcomes.
This is achieved though a systematic review against explicit criterion :

Collection of relevant data, Problem analysis of specific clinical data or resource requirements to identify root causes, implementation of changes to current practices to improve effectiveness and efficiency and continuous personal development for personnel.

Amas carries out following type of Medical audits:

  • Remote location / Rig based Medical center
  • Client specific Hospital
  • Occupational Health Center

The above group of audits comprise of standards for evaluating equipment and infrastructure availability, along with logistical support, process flow charts and skilled manpower accessibility at remote locations or nominated health centers

They are tailored to client needs in order to suit the location and available resources.
They are carried out according to ISO 9001, OSHAS 18001 and ISO 14001 guidelines.

Other related audits:

  • Catering Facility / Food Handler
  • Guest House Audits
  • Crew Hotel Audits
  • Malaria Audits


The above group of audits is carried out according to HACCP and ISO 22000 guidelines.

These usually deal with Hygiene and Sanitation standards, as well as involve potable water, HVAC, Waste segregation, and sewage treatment Standards as per client requirements.