Vision Mission Policy


Amas Medical Services is committed to being a leader in Medical Management Solutions. Our Vision is to provide excellence in patient care in an environment that is respectful of others, adaptive to change and accountable for outcomes, thus promoting the highest quality medical services for patients.


Our mission is to congregate and convene the changing medical requirements and requests of our clients by the timely application of the advances of both the art and science of medicine. We can decrease suffering, improve the health of our clients and save lives. Our goal is a continuum of care and caring which encompasses pre-hospital, hospital and post hospital patient care. Our personnels are caring, skilled, and intelligent health care professionals whose objective and aim are to provide their patients with the best possible care. Amas Medical Services has a supportive setting developed and maintained, that embraces the physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual aspects of health and healing.

Integrated Management System ( QHSE) Policy

Amas Medical Services Pvt. Ltd is committed to provide comprehensive health care services through effective implementation of proactive and reactive Integrated Management System. This shall encompass quality service, occupational health, safety and well-being of employees, minimizing the impact on environment, conservation of resources and prevention of pollution. AMSPL intends to realize its vision and mission through continual improvement by reviewing objectives and targets to meet the needs and expectations of stakeholders. AMSPL will comply with all relevant statutory, legal and other requirements as applicable to the organization. Management shall review AMSPL’s Integrated Management System annually to ensure its continuing suitability, adequacy and effectiveness. IMS Policy shall be documented and communicated to all interested parties, visitors and clients and shall be made available on website.

Quality, Health, Safety, Security and Environment Commitment

We, at AMSPL affirm that we will satisfy the needs and meet the expectations of all our stake-holders by adopting an integrated management approach to quality, health, safety, security and environment. We will conduct our activities and operations in an environmentally responsible manner keeping local, national and global environmental concerns as well as occupational health and safety concerns in view.

We expect every employee, client, contractor, and guest to take personal responsibility for adhering to the following principles:
  • Quality : For AMSPL, quality of services, continual improvement of programs and processes is our key differentiator and strategy for future growth. AMSPL intends to realize its vision and mission by continuously aligning its strategies, practices and monitoring systems to meet stakeholders' requirements. It will achieve this by strictly adhering to all statutory legal and regulatory requirements and medical guidelines. The Company will benchmark its medical and support processes with excellent service providers by measuring, monitoring, and setting objectives for continual improvement of all its areas of operations through the adoption and application of approved medical practices, high ethical standards, and effective financial management.
  • Environment : We protect the environment, conserve resources, and prevent pollution.
  • Safety : We maintain a safe workplace and we plan our work and perform it safely so as to prevent ill-health and injury. We take responsibility for the safety and injury-prevention of ourselves, coworkers, clients and guests.
  • Security : We protect people, property, information, computing systems, and facilities.
  • Health : We protect human health within our boundaries and in the surrounding community.
  • Compliance : We achieve and maintain compliance with applicable QHSSE requirements and legislation as applicable to our business.
  • Community : We maintain open, proactive and constructive relationships with our employees, neighbours, regulators and our other stakeholders.
    Continual Improvement: We continually improve ESSH performance.
We achieve the aims of our policy by :
  • Identifying QHSSE risk as the highest priority in our business activities and operations
  • Making adequate financial and technical resources available to implement this policy
  • Using all means available to communicate the QHSSE message effectively
  • Ensuring that employees, contractors and visitors are suitably QHSSE aware and competent
  • Complying with all applicable statutory legal and regulatory requirements
  • Encouraging everyone to contribute positively to improving QHSSE performance
  • Proactively and reactively monitoring and reviewing QHSSE performance to identify and implement improvements, and
  • Establishing objectives and targets to identify, measure and report QHSSE performance using feedback to improve managerial processes.
In addition to bi-annual review of AMSPL's progress on QHSSE goals and adherence to this commitment, we invite all interested parties to provide us with input on our performance relative to this commitment and the commitment itself.